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#18402 Phonics Quiz (98 cards, A6, double sided)

In order to develop excellent spelling skills, students need to have an extensive phonics knowledge. This knowledge focuses on letter-sound relationships, letter strings, phonemic awareness and the coding of phonemes based on their position within a word.

The quiz deals with two main issues in learning to read and spell:

• many letters and digraphs have more than one sound,

   e.g.       the letter 'c' has two sounds:  /k/ in 'cat' and /s/ in 'city'

                 the digraph 'ch' has three sounds:  /ch/ in 'chop', /sh/ in 'chef' and /k/ in 'chemist'

• one sound may be coded in many ways,
   e.g.       the long  /a/ sound may be coded using the bossy 'e' rule; the digraphs '-ai-', '-ay',     '-ei', '-ea-', '-ey-', '-et-'; as well as '-eigh-' and '-aigh-'.

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