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#13503 Spelling Program: Sight Words Book 3: All the Tricky Ones

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Sight Words Book 3 is a K-6 teachers’ reference book. It contains irregular words grouped by a ‘tricky’ letter or sound. For example, it contains a group of words with the same pattern as the word ‘was’ (‘a’ saying short /?/), or by common spelling pattern, e.g. ‘hurry’, ‘curry’.

Where possible, words are grouped by level of difficulty. Thus the sight word ‘was’ is grouped at the easy level with words such as ‘want’, ‘wash’ and ‘wasp’, and at the harder level with words such as ‘wattle’, ‘waddle’ and ‘wallaby’. The index at the back of the book lists all words, for easy reference.

Each set of words is followed by sentences for reading and dictation work.