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#16303 Comprehension and Study Guide: Tashi

SKU 16303

These comprehension and study-guide books contain information for teachers, where appropriate, in the form of notes on spelling issues, grammar and general knowledge, followed by a set of student worksheets. This makes the teacher’s job easier by providing the material, chapter by chapter, for the teaching of comprehension sub-skills. Depending on the grade that the study-guides have been prepared for, the worksheets will contain a range of the following activities:

1. Word Study – requiring research of word meanings, phrases, synonyms
and antonyms, and homonyms.
2. Punctuation
3. Vocabulary
4. Morphemic analysis
5. Proofreading
6. Grammar
7. Sentence construction
8. Idiomatic language
9. Prior knowledge – requiring research of important chapter topics.
10. Character analysis – formative for each chapter.
11. Comprehension activities:

• Main idea
• Imaging
• Cloze exercises
• Visual Matching
• Sequencing
• Literal questions
• Predictive questions

12. Six Thinking Hats
13. Values education
14. Religious education