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Learning to read and spell requires that children know the sounds of the letters of the alphabet and are able to match each alphabet sound to its corresponding letter symbol. The easiest way for children to make this connection is by using memory cues associated with songs and pictures.

Alphabet Kit for Beginners


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Discover the Programming, Assessment, Phonemic Awareness, Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Comprehension, Handwriting and Numeracy elements of the highly effective Ants in the Apple Program.

Alphabet Songs CD


The ‘Ants in the Apple Alphabet Song’ matches the verses and pictures on the Ants in the Apple Alphabet Cards. It is designed to help beginning readers make the connection between the letter names and their sounds.

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Ants in the Apple have a number of resources that can be used by parents to support their child's early spelling, reading and writing  skills from preschool to year 6.


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Ants in the Apple Pty. Ltd. is an Australian company. Our Program was fully conceived and developed in Australia and is based on a solid foundation of current  educational research.

All of our Professional Development courses have NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accreditation.

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