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The Ants in the Apple Kindergarten and Spelling Structured Literacy Programs are based on the recommendations of current research regarding subject content matter and pedagogy.

The Teaching Guides

Both programs are designed to reduce
teacher workload by providing easy to use lesson content in the form of lesson
plans and teaching notes. The lesson plans are based on the research of
Berninger (2019), and teaching methods are based on the explicit, systematic,
teacher-led research of Archer & Hughes (2011), Rosenshine (2012), and
Carnine et. al, (2017).

 The Study Sheets

The content of the study sheets is organised into six
colour-coded areas of study: spelling (phonics and phonemic awareness), word
study (meanings, morphemes, etymology), comprehension (imaging, inference,
etc.), writing conventions (grammar, punctuation, text structure), writing, and
reading. Each of the six areas includes a range of study topics (language,
history, science). The study sheets are designed to be used for both guided and independent practice.

All publications are available as PDF downloads.

Improved second edition Ants mathematics texts are now being released in PDF.

Our 'Basic Facts' and 'Teaching Each Operation' series of mathematics texts are also being re-issued as improved second editions in PDF form. The 'Basic Facts' series is already available for download on this website.


All of our physical resources, such as the colouring booklets, rainbow writing booklets, alphabet card sets and alphabet songs CDs, are still available for immediate delivery.


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