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Kindergarten Literacy Program

The 'Ants' Kindergarten Literacy Program provides a structured and comprehensive approach to the teaching of phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, spelling, reading, handwriting, word study, comprehension, writing conventions, and writing composition.

Program Design

There are four Pathways. Each Pathway is comprised of ten Steps. Each Step is further divided into four Lesson Plans.

Each Step represents a unit of learning which may be used over several days, or weeks, according to the learning needs of any given class group. Students should not be moved on to the next Step unless they have reached mastery of the content in the current Step.

The content of each Pathway follows a similar scope and sequence. The difficulty level of the literacy content increases with each new new Pathway.

The core documents of the program are supported by texts covering handwriting and phonological and phonemic awareness. Study sheets and cloze passages are available for all 40 First Books Readers.