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Spelling Program Grades 1-6

The ‘Ants’ spelling program is designed to commence at the beginning of Year 1 if students have successfully completed the Kindergarten Literacy Program.

Program Design

The spelling scope and sequence is based on four levels of difficulty, with each level containing 40 steps. Each step is divided into four lessons, the content of which is based on the various sections contained in the Study Sheets.

The four levels do not correspond to class grades. The 40 steps do not correspond to a school year of 40 weeks. Rather, the 160 steps may be spread over grades 1 to 6 according to the needs of individual class cohorts. This organisation allows for the content of a spelling list to be used over more than one week. However, should students complete the four levels successfully before the end of primary school, it is suggested that spelling instruction could be included in other Key Learning Areas using subject-specific vocabulary.

The core program is supported by texts covering a program and teaching guide, study sheets, spelling lesson advice, useful spelling rules, digraph word lists and alphabetical ordering.